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Review time – One Day Modular Backpack – Viper Tactical

We have One Day Modular Backpack for test and must say it is big enough for even 24h milsim events.

We have used it on few events (one day and 24h milsims). Used it alone in combination with SSG24 and also on plate carrier attached to molle in combination with HK 416.

Backpack is made from 600D cordura fabric and it is very quality made and stiches are great. It is lightweight and you can move around very easy. If you have few stuffs inside this kind of backpacks they can be “baggy” but not with this one from Viper.

This one have 2 compression straps and can be tightened to don’t have stuff moving inside backpack.
On back you have big velcro for that fancy patches which gives you opportunity to personalize it.

Big plus is molle sistem on whole backpack and mesh part inside to put hidratation bladder. We used 3 liter hidratation and it fits very tight. Here we occured and noticed some problems which can be very easy solved by Viper. There are no webbings to attach hidration bladder inside backpack which can be problem when you fill half of it. Also openings for hidratation hose is too small and you can’t pull it out of backpack without modification (we made small cut with knife in order to be able to pull out hose). There is 3 oppenings like that (on top and both sides).

You can get it in 4 colors: Coyote, Black, VCAM, Green

+ big enough for even 24h milsims
+ adjustable straps
+ big velcro on back
+ with backpack you get 2 V-lock which showed very usefull
+ very easy and practical to use with or without plate carrier

– there is no webbings inside backpack for fixing hidratation bladder
– not big enough openings for hidration hose to pull it out

Overall rating of backpack is 9/10.

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You can get this Backpack here:

Your S.G.S Team

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